XACT Telesolutions Debuts Specialized Call Center Services for Digital Health Companies

UNITY, ME (PRWEB) January 25, 2013

XACT Telesolutions, a top-rated call center services and order taking company, has recently expanded its service offerings into the digital health maintenance industry. After working with a limited number of digital health clients in the past, XACT will now offer full help desk services, call filtering, order entry, service and support dispatch, internet and web support, and call answering among other services on a broader scale to the digital health industry in 2013, the company announced.

Digital health companies are some of the fastest growing businesses in the United States, and thanks to the specially-designed network of tools and solutions provided by XACT, these thriving companies can experience even further success. XACT Telesolutions offers tailor-made solutions for each individual client, allowing for an ideal partnership that gives XACT clients and their customers the attention and high level of customer service they deserve.

XACT was pleased to support the efforts of this emerging industry in 2012 and we look forward to continuing these efforts in 2013, said Kathy Gray, the Director of Business Development at XACT Telesolutions.

The use of over-the-counter self-test kits is a growing trend among consumers, and digital health maintenance companies are cashing in. From glucose test kits for individuals with diabetes to sexually transmitted disease self-test kits for consumers who want peace of mind, the market for self-healthcare items that can be ordered online or over the phone is quickly expanding. To help digital health firms deal with the increase in demand, XACT Telesolutions is proud to offer a wide array of award-winning call center services. Of course, there are a number of other types of digital health companies that XACT can help, including those that offer telemedicine devices, businesses that specialize in health media, and companies that create medical software. No matter what an organization’s specific niche is, XACT has the knowledge and experience to help companies in the digital health industry.

“The digital health industry is rapidly growing, and companies that specialize in health maintenance and preventative health management know that quality call center services are extremely important in order to keep things running smoothly,” Gray said. “With XACT’s specifically designed teams and skillsets, we are confident that we can deliver the type of service that these companies need.”

For more information on XACT Telesolutions, or to learn how XACT can help your digital health company, contact Kathy Gray at 800-670-9228 or visit http://www.MyXACT.com.

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