Homefield Grange is acknowledged as one of the four best detox breaks by Cassandra Cavanah, Leading spa expert and director of SpaFinder Wellness

Northamptonshire, London (PRWEB UK) 25 January 2013

Homefield Grange Detox Retreat are delighted to report Cassandra Cavanha’s recent acknowledgement that they are indeed a Detox Retreat in the true sense of the phrase.

Homefield Grange pride themselves on providing their guests with the most healthy of diets designed to cleanse the system. As Cassandra Cavanha states “In the past, ‘detox’ often meant alcohol or drug rehabilitation, but that definition has expanded to express any transition from unhealthy habits to healthy ones.”

Scientists reported recently that drinking alcohol was found to increase tiredness by reducing the length of time in deep sleep, which is important in allowing the body and mind to relax. Irshaad Ebrahim, of the London Sleep Centre and co-author of the report, found the higher the consumption of alcohol the less deep or REM sleep takes place.

In Cassandra’s article she elaborated that “Ironically spas themselves have been adding to our toxic intake by offering alcohol, caffeinated beverages, serve-yourself buffets, tempting desserts and fewer restrictions in a bid to attract the wider spa going public.”

This is why Homefield Grange say that they choose to provide spa facilities to add that pampering touch but they are available without the addition of toxins. They agree that “we all need a break to relax and take time out but there are other deeper benefits that can be achieved from a total cleanse and detox.” Homefield Grange offer residential packages from weekends to 5 and 7 day stays that are designed to help guests achieve their goals of cleansing and weight loss.

Company information

Homefield Grange is a dedicated, established and permanent detox retreat open 51 weeks of the year, assisting clients making positive changes towards their health and well-being. This caring team of qualified practitioners will provide all the help you would expect from a professional organisation.

For more information about Homefield Grange you can visit http://www.homefieldgrange.co.uk or call 01536 712219 or you can email enquiries@homefieldgrange.co.uk

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